Media Publication Time

Media Publication Scheduling

Did you dream about a system that can show your slides on a exact time. Now the solution is here: NG Signage. Let your promotion, event or advertisement start playing at a given minute, hour or day. Unlike other systems, is the NG Signage system capable of this! It is exact and reliable.

Schedule your promotions and events for Christmas, New Year, Valentin’s Day or weekly, even daily, recurring events in beforehand.

“Valid after” and  “Valid before”

You can now set the exact time, a “Valid after”, and a “Valid before” date or time when each of your media content is active or inactive. Try it! It is so easy to use. Do it once and you can not live without it. NG Signage takes it to another level. Using NG Signage will free time, your most valuable asset.

Catch you clients and customers at an exact time and increase your revenue!

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