New pricing plans

We, at NG Signage, have listened to our customers and developed a more advanced editor. We decided to offer this editor and all background pictures and other features as templates, to all our customers. We need to keep simplicity, but also to serve more advanced needs.


Our pricing plans

NG Signage Standard Plan

Any new customer can register and try our Signage out, but only for a few hours. Enough to get a taste of it and ideas what possibilities we provide. It is for free of course. $ 0.00/month per screen.


NG Signage Advanced Plan

This is the most popular plan, normally used for small business, like restaurants, retailers, coffee shops etc. and all will benefit from the new additional tools. The Advanced plan will provide a playlist and 10 displays for the screen. If the customer needs more it is just to start another playlist and register for this. The Advanced Plan is $20.00/month/screen ($18.00/m yearly).


NG Signage Media Plan

The media Plan is designed for big media companies with many customers. The system will provide features that allow large numbers of content managers to effectively manage content in a secure way. The Media Plan Plan will be priced at $49.00/month per screen ($45.00/m yearly).


The Future

We want to continue to develop the subscription plans so that they are not static. We like to offer the best for our clients and give the best value to each and everyone og of customers. For this reason we will keep investing and continuously innovating our products.

We like to offer the best, simplest and most reliable digital signage service that there is.


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