The Smarter NG Signage System

New smarter technology

Today you can find digital signage used in for example advertising, navigation, exhibitions, marketing or public installations. The content can be images, videos and text information. You can find displays practically everywhere: in public areas, malls, transport systems, stadiums, retail stores, museums, elevators, hotels, coffee shops and restaurants etc. 

So far digital signage displays use the content normally installed on PCs and servers. Now, NG Signage is introducing a new cloud system based on Android solutions as an alternative to the old system and static signage. The new system is more flexible, stable and secure. The NG Signage system can be used also as live data dashboards, staff training, communications and alerts in lobbies and other public spaces and of course for news and information. Our screens can show relevant local information (weather, events and company news).



The analysts forecast of the global digital signage market was expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate – CAGR –  of 5.6% during the period 2016-2020. Today in 2018 it has grown even more. The advantages of our system:

  • Easy, user -friendly and frequent content updating
  • Interactive possibilities due to touch screens, movement detection, and image capturing
  • Video content along with traditional ads or messages, also audio information is included
  • Delivery of targeted content to specific locations or clients/consumers at specific times


Get Attention

The NG Signage system is easy to handle and can be done remotely. Increase your visibility and attention! And the best: it is not expensive! See out pricing plans at

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