Posnania Shopping Center with the Progressive Digital Signage Framework

In Posnania strip mall opened in October 2016, a Digital Signage organization introduced more than one hundred most current mixed media gadgets. The provided arrangement is essentially awesome LED screens, including Europe’s biggest curved straightforward screen. The establishment comprises of intelligent video dividers and tablets. The administration arrangement of Digital Signage is completed with the utilization of Scala programming.

Posnania Center is one of the biggest and most present day business structures in East-focal Europe. There were many offices and administrations arranged for clients who utilize new innovations, e.g. an arrangement of screens executed by SQM Digital Signage.

The most one of a kind arrangement is a curved LED screen suspended in the Atrium with surface of right around 100 square meters and a straightforwardness of 90%. It is the biggest development in Europe and the just a single of a circular shape and clearness permitting to see the showed content from understudy living arrangements close Posnania Center.

In the Rotunda, there was connected a semi-roundabout LED screen making an amazing circular segment, finished with two-side unsupported media totem. Synchronize of all screens surfaces enables you to show content including two levels of the Center and offering an assortment of encounters relying upon where the client stands. Moreover, in the totem there are put two touch screens permitting to take a Selfie photograph, which can be shown on a vast LED screen.

At the passage to the stopping, there were introduced 7 video dividers furnished with a Kinect supplemented by the camera appearing on the screens scenes from the shopping center. This setup enables you to dispatch expanded reality utilizing the space of the building. SQM Digital Signage establishments bolster a few LCD screens and expert tablets so as to acquire extra data about the offer of the Center amid snapshots of rest.

Arrangement of screens is overseen remotely through the SCALA stage, which for over 25 years has bolstered the most intuitive and most inventive Digital Signage ventures around the world.

In the establishment, there were connected respectable equipment arrangements, for example, Public Display NEC screens, DELL PCs, ELO TOUCH tablets or KRAMER hardware.

“Posnania is another place on the guide of shops and ways of life spots in Poznan. The entire idea has been arranged and intended for individuals. We have executed the entire range of the most recent advancements here. One of them is sight and sound screens with more other media. ThinkThank APSYS LAB in participation with SQM Company from Posnań were responsible for the usage. From the present point of view, we can state that it was a decent decision.” – said Agnieszka Juszkis, Marketing Director in Posnania.

“Establishment of Digital Signage in Posnania is one of the biggest sight and sound establishments in this piece of Europe. A portion of the conveyed arrangements are innovative to the point that this piece of world has not seen them yet.” – features Grzegorz Góralczyk CEO, SQM Digital Signage.



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