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Make it happen now!

According to studies, for example the Forrester Study in 2010 and the Embed study in 2015, people normally tend to  watch digital signage more than they do with static information, for instance on paper, brochures etc.

A digital signage message can be viewed just anywhere, in a hotel lobby, in the elevator or waiting rooms etc. A signage makes it possible to better grasp the interest of the customer at the right moment. In other words, signage helps to spread you information or message instantly. And a digital signage improves the general experience for a customer, guest or visitor etc.

If you already now have not decided to go digital it is high time to do so. Otherwise you will be left alone. Customers adapt fast and will soon find it natural and professional and accept digital signage as part of the moderns information flow. The general public attention of the old bulletin boards is lost.

The costs

Many retailers and others already have displays or TV-sets which all can be used with the NG Signage system. There is no special hardware that is required or installation of chips or software in the TV. This is the usual costs you have to pay using other signage solutions. Of course you have to pay for wi-fi and electricity. Bu forget all costs for printing signs and also the costs for asking and paying employees to put up and take down signs, collect and distribute flyers, and posters. With a modern signage system you also will do savings in employee time. Integrating digital signage on your property or in your business simply makes better business – you will grab your customer’s attention.

Smartphones and digital signage have revolutionized how we search for information, but also how we decide and  buy things. This is the easiest and most effective way to get your information out there.

We will make your digital signage display solutions to meet your individual property, location and needs. You will get a solution that works instantly. Choose among our hundreds of templates and background images, videos, gif’s and vector based material NG Signage offer. Your marketing budget will shrink when you go digital. You will save money with your new digital signage system.

Make 2018 the year you take the right decision and implement a digital signage solution!

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